Let’s be honest, credit is due to you, the bike enthusiasts. This event started & continues because of you! So, thank you for your continued support & welcome to your 7th Roaming Rally!


     After every event, we evaluate the feedback & strategize to keep your interest. Keeping that challenge in mind, subtle changes are included in this outline. Regardless if this is your 1st or 7th rally we are excited to have you on board.


     Maintaining up with our reputation of being somewhat difficult to complete & testing your riding skill, this year will be no different. But at the end of the day its about more than the riding. We also hope to continue the tradition of sharing triumphant stories with like minded people who thrive on this team event.


     Regardless of your team size, the reality is Roaming Rally is not for beginners. It is intended for strong intermediate & advanced riders. The terrain is off-road, with deep water crossings, rock obstructions, mud bogs, unfathomable sand & a combination of paved & gravel roads.  Double & single track trails combined with mother nature’s unpredictability always guarantee a challenge.



     Prior participants know this event holds no one’s hand, hosts very little rules, offers no guides or trail sweepers.   We create a suggested route & its logistics. The rest is up to you & your team to have a fun & safe expedition. We always do our best to ensure the chosen course is clear in the spring but each year a new gate closure, unexpected water levels & slick mud can alter the intended route. This unpredictability creates the framework for the adventure the rally has thrived on. If such factors occur, riders are encouraged to gauge the circumstances based on experience & abandon or create an alternative go around towards the destination.  



     As always, Bikes must be comprised of a 3-5-member team. Logically we do this for safety reasons. However, having a team lends to a strong sense of camaraderie. This is one of things the Roaming Rally is known for & participants thrive on when tacking tough terrain.  Your team prior to registering needs to well be organized with experienced riders, solid communication skills & prepared to pitch in regardless of the obstacles. If your up to the challenge, we look forward to your enrollment & greeting you in person at the Basecamp.



The Basic Q/A

     Each year we receive a fair amount of questions so we have listed a Q/A for the most commonly asked. Please read this fully prior to emailing as it can get daunting corresponding with potentially 150 riders. Keep in mind we are an organizing team of only 3 & once you have registered more specific information will follow.


Q:     What type of bike is suitable?

A:     Bikes must be:

  • Street legal & insured
  • Be in good running condition
  • DOT knobby tires are mandatory
  • 250 to 700 cc bikes are ideal.
  • Larger bikes in the hands of very experienced riders are okay
  • Helmets must always be worn
  • All other government road laws must always be followed
  • Each bike must have the tools & equipment to change a flat tire or manage other field repairs independently


Q:     How hard is the route?

A:     The 2017 route is similar in its level of difficulty & approximately the same length as previous years.  There are lots of videos & photos of years past available to get a sense. A simple Google search of Roaming Rally will lead through prior journeys. The rally always hosts a few tough spots, which make up the majority of posts. However most of the day is flowing two track & gravel/paved roads. 


        For the first time, the 2017 Rally will offer a 2nd route. This will be much more difficult. Sections of course could be considered enduro style terrain.  The two routes will share 75% of the same trails & roads.  For the remaining 25% we recommend only very experienced riders on small bikes attempt it.


Q:     How long is the route?

A:     The route is 2 days in length. Each day is approximately 500km. Both days are similar in terrain & are long days of riding.  The 3rd day of the rally we will provide trail maps & GPS info for an off-road trail system called the Limrick Forest.  Limrick is about 15 minutes from the Basecamp & offers gravel & paved roads. This roadway is offered as a teams final riding option or for you to consider later.


Q:     Where will we camp?

A:     Thursday & Saturday nights are spent at the Gravel Travel Basecamp.  These two nights of camping are included in the entry fee.  Friday night will be spent at a public campground. Once you have registered further information will be extended so you can book a reservation independently.


Q:     What safety gear do I need?

A:     Each bike is required to have a first aid kit.

        Each team is required, at a minimum, to have one tent, sleeping pad & sleeping bag.

        Every year we highly recommend each rider have a satellite responder (Spot, Delorme Inreach, etc).   You will be in remote backcountry where help can be limited, at great distance or unable to assist you without the technology a responder offers.


Q:     Will we see the trucks?

A:     Yes. Saturday night the trucks & bikes will be staying at Basecamp.  By design the routes will not be shared between the two categories, for safety purposes.


Q:     Will I finish the route? 

A:     Honestly, each year only a small percentage of people finish the entire route.  This year’s route may end with the same stats but it also depends on the level of skill enrolled. Anyone who tackles the optional hard route will boast one heck of an achievement & bragging rights.  Any participants who become exhausted or if the sun is close to setting are highly encourage to abandon the trail or camp roadside. Again, such situations re-enforce the team support when faced with tough calls or guidance towards reaching the safest outcome.


Q:     Is it even doable?

A:     Yes, the route is doable. The secret is an early morning start, a steady pace, few breaks, experience & great teamwork.  A crazy, risk seeking or fast riding pace, will be a hindrance.  Not only is it not safe, you will get tired & lack endurance to complete the route. By following this guidance, we predict a 80% completion rate. 

        For the alternative or enduro style terrain route we expect a 10% finishing rate.

        Regardless of your route choice, remember this isn’t a competition! The concept is to have some backcountry fun…so finishing the route is secondary to having a safe & memorable time.




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