Roaming Rally 2014

The 2014 edition of the Roaming Rally has a few changes but follows the same format as in years past.  We “roam”.  This year’s edition of the rally takes place in Eastern Ontario.  Several new trails as well as a few favorites from years past are utilized.  Bikes carry their own gear and each rider is self sufficient.  A suggested route is provided, each rider decides on their own whether they want to follow it or not.  The route involves a mix of paved roads, gravel roads and off road trails.  Not a hard core enduro route, but challenging for dual sport bikes.  Deep water crossing, mud, sand, logs, rocks and steep hills are all on the route.  The Roaming Rally is not designed for beginners but rather for intermediate to experienced riders who want a challenge.

This edition is a team event. Riders need to be on a team of a minimum 3 and a maximum of 6. This change, like all changes for 2013, is done with your safety in mind. The reason behind the team strategy is that if someone gets hurt or breaks down one team member can stay with the injured/stranded rider while the other can team member(s) can deal with getting help.

There is a cost (non-refundable) of $78 per rider. This gets you registered into the rally, a decal for your bike and a Tshirt.

Each bike will be inspected for:

  • Proof of insurance
  • Bearings (steering and wheel)
  • Appropriate tires (DOT knobby)
  • Suitability for off road riding
  • General Condition
  • Working lights, horn, signals

Each team will need to have

  • Tow rope
  • First Aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Spare tubes
  • Tire Irons
  • Tire inflator

During the initial check in process all riders will be required to sign a waiver form. Once the check in process is complete a decal with be provided that should be applied to your bike. The decal shows you have met the criteria and are ready to ride.

In years past the suggested route has been tame with optional technical sections. For 2014 the route does not have these optional tech sections, they are now part of the main route. This makes the route much more difficult. The route is no longer appropriate for new comers to the sport, two up riding, non knobby tires and people with bikes larger than 690cc may want to reconsider.

Like every year the route provided is merely a suggestion.  This is not a race nor is anyone going to keep track of whether you rode the route or not.  The Roaming Rally is designed to be a rally where like minded folks can get together, ride some fun terrain, explore new areas and have a few cold ones around a campfire.

Each rider and each team needs to be self sufficient, this is essential for your safety and enjoyment.

It is a three night event; each night is at a different campground.  Once teams are fully registered camping information, maps and gps routes will be provided via email addresses indicated during sign up.

We encourage everyone to respect the campground staff and clean up after themselves when they leave.  Convincing campgrounds to host a gaggle of motorbikes is a tough sell.  In past years we have had great success and few complaints, please let’s keep it this way.

There is no support truck. If people bring their own support trucks and want to help each other out that is great. Helping each other out is what the Roaming Rally is all about. This year you will have to rely on your team mates…that why every team has a tow rope

When is the Roaming Rally and how do I sign up?

May 8th – Check in

May 9th, 10th and 11th are the rides

We are accepting a maximum of 85 people.

Please send funds to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please include in the comments field within your paypal transfer:

  • Your Name
  • Your Teams Name
  • The bike you will be using
  • Your Tshirt Size
  • An emergency contact name and number

Once your paypal is received you will get an email.  We use paypal exclusively.  We expect the Roaming Rally will fill up quickly…

What can we expect?

You can expect a weekend of riding with a bunch of like minded people and enjoying a cold beer at the end of the day.  This is a very informal ride.  After the riders meeting on the Thursday night the organizers become just one of the gang, and we ride the event like everyone else.  This ride is designed for well experienced adventure riders; people who are used to travelling off road on their bikes, being self-sufficient, having the skills and knowhow of what to do if things go wrong.  This means we don’t hold your hand.  The organizing is in the setting up of the suggested route, getting campgrounds organized, pre-riding the route and getting everyone together for a fun weekend.  This comes as a surprise for first time attendees but in the past it has worked well and we hope it does again.

You’ll need to organize your own food and booze.  You’ll need to contact the campgrounds (if indicated) and register and cover your camp fees.  Once registered, we include details like where food, fuel, booze, etc can be found along the route or close to the campgrounds.


The Roaming Rally is a navigational ride.  The challenge and fun is in the navigating.  Each team must have a minimum of two gps units that are capable of utilizing track files but we strongly encourage every rider to have a proper gps unit.  We do not distribute routes, we distribute track files.  Not all gps units can use these files correctly, this is very important to understand.  Current models that will work are the Garmin 6X series, the Montana, the 7X series, the Rhino, etc.  GPS units that do NOT work properly are the zumo and nuvi series along with other car gps units designed for automobiles.

If you are new to using track files we encourage you to practice creating, loading and saving tracks before coming to the Roaming Rally.  Using a gps on a motorcycle can be very dangerous.  Please do not look at the screen while your motorcycle is moving, pull off to the side of the road or trail in a safe manner and then look at your screen.

We look forward to riding with you in May.  The Roaming Rally is an event that is fun for us to host and we are flattered that folks from all over Canada and the US make the effort to attend!


Video's from last years Roaming Rally