A small donation of $25 made via paypal or an etransfer (sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to help us keep the website up and running is required for access to the gps files.  We will be happy to email you any of the gps routes we have and offer any advice or information we have that can assist you in you trip.


In the past we have asked for a donation for gps files but 98% of folks haven't made a donation.  We have been in the red each year, for the past ten years, paying for the cost of keeping the website running.  It pains us to make this change....but we would like to break even.  This website and service is passion of ours and not a business meant to make a profit.  We hope you understand and a thank you to everyone who has made a donation in the past, it was and is sincerely appreciated.  If you receive any of our gps routes we please ask that you not share them with other people.  If you notice we have updated a route with a new revision, please send us an email and indicate you have already made a donation and we will send you the updated version.


We will no longer be sending out decals unfortunately.


Thanks in advance for your support and safe travels


Versions of GPS files




TNE R1.0

Swisha Loop R1.0

The Rock Offroad R1.1

Gaspe Loop

Telkwa Pass

Forestry Trunk Road, Alberta

The Northwest including the Mackenzie Heritage Trail

The Big Empty 1.3



We also have GPS files for the Ottawa area, please indicate what sort of terrain/trip you are looking for.