Roaming Rally Expedition West







  • June 11th – Registration (Banff Alberta)
  • June 12 – 21 – Rally (Ends in Pemberton BC)





  • $299 per truck or bike. Passenger an additional $50


Register Early


Limited to 30 vehicles due to the terrain logistics.  If you would like to join us for this adventure, please register ASAP.




The Route

The route for 2018 consists of gravel/paved roads & logging trails. The total mileage is 2300 km spread out over 8 days.  This includes two contingency days as we are bound to run across washouts, fallen trees, etc. Given the time of year & the various mountainous terrain, they will be needed. 


The first couple of days will see us travelling through the Rocky Mountain range before heading through the Purcell and Selkirk mountain ranges. The route then heads north with several days spent in the Caribou & Chilcotin areas of BC. The final Coast Mountains will end in the small town of Pemberton.


Most days will target 300-/+ kilometres of travel.  Depending on the days terrain this may mean a short or long day.  Pre-arranged campsites are arranged for end of day. The route is not meant to be a tough endurance or an extreme off-road event but rather an exploration & navigational rally. There will be plenty of time to stop & enjoy the spectacular views.


The route file (GPX) is sent out to the participants a week before the rally begins.  This enables us to do any last-minute required changes. A quick look at where the route will travel…




The route is suitable for overland trucks & adventure style motorbikes.  We recommend 650cc & up for the bikes. Trucks with light modifications are suitable. Both bikes & trucks are required to be self reliant.  


GPS Files

The Roaming Rally is 1st & foremost a navigational event.  Every participant is required to have a GPS unit or tablet/phone app that uses satellite (phone reception will not be available in several places on the routes).  We will be distributing GPX files that consist of tracks & waypoints.  It is the responsibility of each participant to understand how to use these gpx files to a level of being self reliant.



For the trucks we will be using FRS radios.   FRS radios are cheap to purchase & require no installation in your vehicle.  We understand ham & CB’s are a better choice, but we also realize not everyone is equipped to use these technologies.  Many trucks will have more than one form of communication device on board, but FRS is the main communicating tool for this rally.



How It Works

The Roaming Rally is for experienced backcountry travellers, this is not a guided trip.  People are responsible for themselves & the others around them.  Each day bikes & trucks will travel in small groups with the goal of reaching the next nights camp location.  Travelling solo is not permitted due to the risk it creates.  Travelling with people who have a similar pace is a good idea.  Groups can & will likely change daily, getting to know the various participants is a big part of the rally.  This is all done informally the night before.  If folks cannot find a group to travel with, we will help introduce them to the other participants.  Typically bikes travel with bikes & trucks with trucks.  Bikes tend to travel at a faster pace.



If a group or individual does not show up to the nights camp location, the reality is: no one is going to come looking.  This is important to note as it emphasis the importance of being part of a “team” each day.  Accidents, breakdowns, getting lost could & likely will happen, this is when you rely on your team for the day to help.  No one leaves a team mate behind, even if it means missing the nights designated camp & having to catch up the next day.





Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have emailing us at Western.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








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