The Unexpected

     The routes provided on the final GPS file are to best of our knowledge, doable. However, keep in mind that mother nature has had a way of intervening causing it to be unfeasible for the entire route to be navigated.

Unforeseen gate closures, tree debris from storms, unexpected flooding & road/trails being decommissioned can create glitches. We try our hardest to avoid this type of situation from occurring but if it does consider the GPS files as suggested routes. If you encounter such obstacles this is where teamwork, common sense & navigation skills will make all the difference. Such back-country adventures of conquering the natural elements have become legendary in past rally circles & what has allowed us 8 years of renewed enthusiasm.



 Rally Route

     Participants will receive the final GPS route approximately 1 week prior to the event. If an unforeseen delay is experienced (i.e. route flooding, unpredictable weather, storm damage) updates will be posted on the site to keep everyone informed.



File Format

     The file is in the GPX format & consists of track files & waypoints.  A maximum of 499 data points is used for each track file.



Track vs Route File

Q:   We often get asked why a track file? No a route file? What’s the difference?

A:     A track file is a set of data points with a static line connecting them.

        A route file is a set of data points. A GPS unit uses its available maps to guide you from one point to the next. Since the Roaming Rally travels off-road trails that are not on any GPS maps, a route file does not work for this type of travel.

        Each track file has a maximum of 499 data points. This is done to accommodate older GPS units (ie a Garmin 60 series).

        Waypoints are provided for points of interest, food, fuel, hospitals, beer stores, etc.


GPS Compatibility

Q:   Will my GPS work?

A:     Is your GPS capable of utilizes tracks? If so, then yes. 

        For example, car style GPS units (aka a Garmin Nuvi) will not work. They only accept route files, not track files.  

        Popular units like a Garmin Montana, Garmin 60 & 70 series accept track files.  

        The truck participants have broader options. Tablets with a GPS have apps installed like Gaia or Backcountry Navigator. 



Cell Phone Apps

Q:   Will my cell phone with an app work instead of a GPS?

A:     Sometimes. The Roaming Rally routes are not always within cell coverage.


GPS Regulations for Individuals, Team & Trucks

  • It is mandatory for a solo rider or individual bike participant to have a GPS.
  • Every year someone tries to avoid this requirement & every year it creates safety issues. Therefore, anyone arriving without a GPS will be declined to participate.
  • For a registered bike team, 2/3 members must have a GPS unit & knowledge to use it in case of emergency.
  • For individual truck participants & their navigators it is mandatory to have a gps device.



GPS Practice & Safety

     Part of the fun & challenge of the Roaming Rally is having solid navigational skills. Participants who have the best rally experience are the one’s who are honest in owning that they practiced prior to the rally date. We highly recommend some GPS practice prior to arrival! Learn to cruise, track over various trails or terrain, make your own files & get comfortable with the screen. Learn by trial & error. When to zoom out or in. Know how to interpret the line on your screen versus your road reality. The priority is the road in front of you, not the screen. Always pull over safely or stop at intersections to review your GPS status. Prior practice & road etiquette keeps you & those around you safe. Every effort to prevent distracted driving issues is to be implemented by every participant.  





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