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The Roaming Rally is all about meeting like minded people & exploring the backcountry in Canada. To safely do this a vehicle must be properly prepared.  Below is a list of recommendations, this is not a comprehensive list by any means.  Each person prepares their vehicle based on their experience & capabilities.  Being self-reliant is mandatory as is being a part of a group & “never leaving a man behind”.  This means that you may have to spend unexpected nights in remote places, far away from any form of civilization.  Having water, food, & shelter with you always is a must.  Vehicles must be in a good running condition.



  • We recommend bikes from 650 – 1200 cc in size.
  • DOT Knobby tires are required.
  • A Fuel Range of 300 km is required.
  • We recommend soft luggage over hard luggage for safety reasons.
  • Bikes must be in good running condition & items such as brake pads, chain & sprocket condition, fresh oil change, etc. should all be in good to new condition.
  • A GPS is required as is the knowledge of how to use it. No exceptions! No GPS, No Rally.
  • Bikes will have to pass a safety inspection during registration, please ensure your bike is appropriate for remote off-road travel & in good working condition. If it is not we will not let you join us on the rally.  This is for your safety & the safety of those around you.
  • Bikes must travel in a team of 3-5. This is for your safety.  We recommend having your team setup prior to registration.
  • The tools & knowledge to fix a flat tire is required. Along with any other minor trail repairs you may encounter.



  • Trucks must be prepared to be self reliant & suitable for multiple days of non-paved roads & off-road trails.
  • Aggressive all terrain is recommended. A 31-inch tire or larger is recommended as is 10+ inches of ground clearance.
  • Must be capable of carrying enough fuel, water & food to last a few days in the event of getting lost, running into an impassable obstacle or any other scenario that leaves you in the middle of nowhere.
  • FSR Radio is required.
  • Shovel is required.
  • 4x4 is mandatory
  • Full size spare is required with the means & tools required to change a flat tire.
  • Recovery points front & rear are required. A winch is recommended but not required.
  • Navigational equipment is required.
  • Each truck may be asked to carry something for a bike (spare fuel, beer, extra clothes, etc.). Please ensure you have the means to carry a bit of extra gear to help your fellow participant
  • Expedition trailers are ok to bring so long as they are build/bought to handle offroad conditions.





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