Roaming Rally Classic Edition 2022

We're back!

Once again, after an unavoidable sabbatical the last 2 years, we will be hosting a “Classic Edition” Roaming Rally for 2022!

First let’s get the COVID stuff out of the way.  At this time, things are starting to open up, however we cannot be 100% certain what the COVID situation will look like in May.  But we will ensure that the appropriate “protocols” are observed to keep everyone safe, and will update everyone on what, if any, COVID measures will look like closer to the date.

Now with that out of the way, here are the details!

This will be a “Classic Edition“ Roaming Rally in that we are going back to our roots! The original RR was held in 2011, and was designed to be a dual sport event that camped at different locations each night. Over the years the RR has taken on many different forms, small enduro bike type riding, big bike routes, very technical routes to long distance explorers routes.  This year we decided to go back to the original recipe.  Exploring the trails and back roads of eastern Ontario by dual sport bike! The route this year will include twisty gravel, dirt backs roads, ATV trails and hydrolines, and of course it wouldn't be a RR without the occasional water crossing!

The rally will take place May 27-29 with 3 days of riding, and will traverse the backroads and trails of Eastern Ontario and utilizes favorite trails from past editions as well as few new gems.

This is not a race, it’s a dual sport ride designed for participants to have fun and meet like-minded people.  As the name suggests, the rally roams to a different campsite each night.  This is what we believe separates it from other events.  There are plenty of events out there that provide luxury accommodations and a ‘follow the leader’ type of ride, however the ride is the exact opposite of this.

Designed to be a true adventure event, it is not designed for beginners or newcomers to the sport.  You will be part of a team made up of a minimum of 3 riders, this is a large part of the rally.  The team concept is designed with safety in mind. We provide you with a suggested GPS route and suggested camps to spend the night at.  On the first day you will pass through a registration process, be provided with the GPS files, attend a riders meeting then you are on your own.  There are no sweep riders, no check-in or check-out each day.  Being self-reliant and having a team that is well organized is crucial for your safety and enjoyment.

What’s included?

The rally is a three day event (Friday-Sunday), and we will ride approximately 300km per day. Each night is at a different location.  The start location will be near the town Kemptville Ontario. Once teams are fully registered, more information on routes and campsites will be provided via your email address provided during sign-up.

The cost of the RRCE is $125 per rider. This gets you registered into the rally, a decal for your bike, a rally toque (the ultimate in high Canadian fashion, known to our US cousins as a beanie), and the first night camping on registration night.

During the initial check-in process which will take place the Thursday night before the rally begins, all riders will be required to sign a waiver form and have their bike inspected. Once the check-in process is complete, a decal will be provided that should be applied to your bike. The decal shows you have met the criteria and are ready to ride.

During check-in each bike will be inspected for:

  • Proof of insurance
  • Bearings (steering and wheel)
  • Appropriate tires (DOT knobby)
  • Suitability for off-road riding
  • General Condition
  • Working lights, horn, signals

Each team will need to have:

  • Tow rope
  • First Aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Spare tubes
  • Tire Irons
  • Tire inflator
  • Appropriate GPS units
  • Appropriate tools to handle unforeseen trail side repairs

The route travels paved and non-paved roads and some challenging  trails.  The route is generally suitable for bikes ranging between 650 – 1000 cc that are designed to travel off-road.  The route travels over dirt, gravel, mud, and rocks.  Expect to cover up to 300 kms (180miles) day, and prepare for distances between fuel locations of up to 200 kilometers (120miles). Not to be taken lightly, the remoteness of the areas we will be travelling through can bring risks.  Getting hurt far from the nearest town is something that should not be taken lightly.

Like every year, the route provided is merely a suggestion.  This is not a race nor is anyone going to keep track of whether you rode the route or not.  The RRCE is all about long days in the saddle exploring, riding off-road terrain designed for dual sport bikes, and having a few cold ones at the end of the day with riding buddies. Each rider and each team needs to be self-sufficient – this is essential for your safety and enjoyment. There is no support truck. You will have to rely on your team mates, and will have to carry all the gear you will need to camp at the end of the day.

When is the Roaming Rally Classic Edition and how do I sign up?

May 26th – Check-in (1st camp) 

May 27th-29th – Let’s ride!

To register please send $125 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. either by PayPal or email money transfer.

Please include in the payment comments field:

  • That you are registering for the Roaming Rally Classic Edition
  • Your Name
  • Your Team Name
  • The bike you will be using
  • Where you live
  • An emergency contact name and number
  • user name if you have one. (We'll post a riders list there)

After you have sent payment, please send us an email letting us know.

What can we expect?

You can expect a weekend of riding with a bunch of like-minded people and enjoying a cold beer at the end of the day.  This is a very informal ride.  After the riders meeting on the Thursday night, the organizers become just one of the gang, and we ride the event like everyone else.  This ride is designed for well-experienced dual sport riders.  People who are used to travelling off-road on their bikes, being self-sufficient, having the skills and know-how of what to do if things go wrong.  This means we don’t hold your hand.  We organize a suggested route, suggested campsites, pre-ride the route and get everyone together for a fun weekend.  This comes as a surprise for first-time attendees but in the past it has worked well and we hope it does again.

The terrain of the RRCE is not for beginners.  It's designed to be fun and challenging for intermediate to advanced riders with bikes loaded with gear.  It is not an extreme enduro route.  The route is simply a suggestion, some folks who choose to ride at a slower pace may only ride a section of it before hitting the highway and heading to the next night’s camp.  Water crossings, deep sand, rocks, hills and everything in between will be encountered.  Bikes must be road legal and designed for off-road use.  Knobby tires are a requirement.  Bikes will be inspected at registration and only well-prepared bikes will pass, so please come prepared so as to not be disappointed.


The RRCE is a navigational ride.  Part of the challenge and fun is in the navigating.  GPS files will be provided the week before the rally or at check-in the night before. Each team must have a minimum of two GPS units that are capable of utilizing track files, but we strongly encourage every rider to have a proper GPS unit.  We do not distribute routes, we distribute track files.  Not all GPS units can use these files correctly, this is very important to understand.  Smart phone apps may work, but keep in mind that we will be traveling in very remote areas without cell coverage.

If you are new to using track files we encourage you to practice creating, loading and saving tracks before coming to the RRCE.  Using a GPS on a motorcycle can be very dangerous.  Please do not look at the screen while your motorcycle is moving – pull off to the side of the road or trail in a safe manner and then look at your screen.

The intent of the Roaming Rally Classic Edition is to have a fun weekend riding some of Canada’s best trails and backcountry roads, meet new like-minded people and share a beverage around a campfire in the evening.

We look forward to riding with you!

Is It May Yet?

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