Mileage markers for the Dempster Highway in Kilometeres


The Mackenzie River ferry


0                     Start of the Dempster Highway.The Dempster begins at

                        Highway 2 (Klondike Highway)

71                 Tombstone Mountain Campground

196                Enginner Creek Campground

370                 Town of Eagle Plains (Gas)

455                 Rock River Campground

463               Border with the Northwest Territories

538                Territorial Park Campground

539                 Peel River Ferry

550               Town of Fort McPherson (Gas)

608               Mackenzie River Ferry

692               Vadzaih Van Tshik Campground

730               Jak Park Campground

734                Town of Inuvik (Gas)


The town of Innuvik at the end of the Dempster Highway


Beautiful views on the Dempster, photo by Mike Stahl