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The “Dakar”, currently being hosted in South America and formally of Africa is known as the world’s largest and most dangerous off road rally race.  To me it represents the ultimate in sporting endeavours as it partners man and machine against Mother Nature’s playground.  The allure of watching this race has become more than a hobby; it is a passion and an obsession. Visions of bikes and trucks racing over sand dunes in exotic locations and following tales of unbelievable feats to get to the finish line have been etched into my brain over the years. So when the chance to attend this legendary event arrived, I took it without hesitation.

Joining the RMS support team, I headed to the 2012 Dakar in South America ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Once on location I experienced a behind the scene perspective of the race I never imagined. From inside the bivouac I witnessed unbelievable triumph, heart-wrenching tragedy and inspiring race logistics. ‘Tales from the Bivouac’ traces how I achieved this opportunity, profiles each rider and supporting team member, the preparation process and day by day in-depth account of the race as each stage progressed.  In collaboration with international riders Ned Seusse, Bill Conger and Tobias Younger, each has contributed personal segments highlighting their journey towards achieving a finisher’s medal. Each honest reflection walks you through their personal anguish, a competitors mind set and pure joy of the sport affectionately know as the Dakar spirit.

‘Tales from the Bivouac’ is an 8 ½ x 11, 240 page, color and professionally published book. Included in the 24 Chapter format are over 200 glossy photo’s highlighting every step of the story line.

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