TCAT GPS Version Tracker

Always ensure you have the latest version of the gps files before heading out

R1.0  Pre release - December 2012
R1.1  Slight corrections made to a section in BC -  December 2012
R1.2  Slight correction made to a section in Quebec - December 2012
R2.0 Major revision of track files.  Tracks altered for better accuracy and labels applied.  Waypoints added for hospitals, bike dealerships, hardware stores, fuel, etc  A major thanks to Bryan Much who spent countless hours revising the files.  January 2013
R2.2 Added clarity to a couple of areas of track files, added pdf route descriptions and overview maps - Updated May 15th, 2013
***Updated info for the Quebec section (new contact info for the river barge) - June 2013
R2.3 Added June 27th, 2013 - Trackschanged in Quebec and Ontario due to identified issues with washouts, etc
R2.4 - Major changes in Ontario due to an incorrect track and a trail that has become "private" for members of clubs only.  Clarity added to Quebec tracks and one trail in Quebec has been decomssioned so a new trail has been used.  This is considered a major revision change** July 4th, 2013
R2.5 Added July 24, 2013 - Two changes to the BC section of route file.  Just outside of the town Nakusp, after Arrow Lake the route has been altered as original used a decomssioned road.  Other change was outside of Lilloet the main route mistakenly used the Alternate tech Section.  This has been corrected (08 BC 23 TechAlt ) is now how it should have been, an optional technical track.  The main route is now how it should have been, also removes .5 to 1 day of travel from the TCAT if following the main route only.
R2.6 - July 26th 2013 - Small change just west of Invermere BC.  Gates closed so a new route created using non paved roads and a trail.  Thanks to Craig Iedema for his input on this as well for his input on the changes made in R2.5
R2.7 - July 29th, 2013.  Due to road closures from recent floods a section in SW Alberta needed to be changed as did a section in SE BC.  It is unkown if these changes are permanaent (Highway 40 in ALberta being closed and Bull River FSR in BC being closed).  Reports show roads have been entirely swept away and are unpassable so a re route was required.  Info provided by TCAT travellers (Keith and Bryan from NZ) and from Craig Ceidema.
R2.8 - July 29th 2013 - One more change north of Fernie, now skkips slab and uses Sulpher Creek and Bull FSR.  Thanks Lee for confirming this is doable!
R2.9 - August 3rd, 2013 - Change made to 08 BC 05.  Main trail diverted onto 'new" road.  Original changed to a tech optional section.  Grey Creek Pass.  Easier main route now.  "Old" road, now 08 BC 05 Tech, has a water crossing and a couple of steep, rocky climbs.
R3.1 - August 8th, 2013 - Several changes in the province of BC, mostlytrack files 08 BC 19-23.  Changes made based on Bryan and Keith (From New Zealand) feedback.  Also clarity added to several track files that were listed as "needs recording".  This revision change marks the first group of people who have ridden the TCAT from NFLD to Vancouver, BC.  Track files are now considered "proven" across the country by people other than the ones who created the route.  Still a few areas on the route that weather has deemed not doable and folks are finding go arounds.  Northern Ontario between Thunder Bay and Sioux Lookout as well as the optional loop in BC to Chilko Lake.  
R3.2 - August 8th, 2013 - A change to the section in Ontario north of Thunderbay.  Thanks to Craig Ceidema for pointing out a bridge that is out and some ditches in the rail line that are not doable.
R3.3 - August 08th, 2014 - A change to 08 BC 16.  Road is washout near Likely BC.  A change in Ontario between Capreol and Wawa.

R4.1 - June 8th, 2015 

  • Quebec...a new section of the route that eliminates a long section of slab (heading into the town of Chibougamau)
  • Ontario..a tech section removed as it has become the main route (hydro company turned the trail into a much easier trail/road)
  • Alberta...the route has reverted back to version 2.7 (which was changed due to extreme flooding a couple of years ago, the trunk road bridges are now reliably open).
  • Vancouver Island...a major rework of the a large portion of the route due to closed (gated) roads.

R5.0 - Feb 2015

  • Small changes in Sask and Ontario to avoid land use issues

R5.1 - June 2016

  • Small change in Ontario (north of Thunder Bay) to address a new gate

R5.2 - July 2016

  • Small change to address a washout near the town of Likely in BC as well as cleanup the track file in a few places

R5.3 - July 2016

  • A change in Quebec between the towns of Girardville and Chibougamau in the province of Quebec. The change adds a bit of length to the route...expect a 320+ km stretch between fuel (I'd plan for 400 to be safe).