Roaming Rally Expedition 2018


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Hi folks, due to work and family responsibilities...unfortunately we have to take a sabbatical (cancel) the Roaming Rally East this year. The west rally is still happening. We will be sending refunds to everyone who registered for the east rally. Hope to see you next year.


Western & Eastern Events

Welcome to Roaming Rally 2018. This is our 8th year hosting & we’re excited about the routes & its ever evolving the format.  For the first time ever, we will be hosting two rallies, a Western & Eastern.  The 1st in Ontario & Quebec, starts May 23  The 2nd in Alberta & British Columbia, June 11 

Both the Western & Eastern Rallies will see host bikes & trucks on the same routes. The routes are considered Expedition. Which means less technical terrain than normal.  The length of the routes & the remoteness of the terrain is what will create the challenge. 



What is a Roaming Rally?

We like to think of the rally as a meeting of like minded people exploring the backcountry of Canada. The routes we provide & the terrain we cover is only half the experience. The other half is the comradery between participants & sitting around a camp fire while sharing stories of the day.

Each year we try to improve upon the previous, based on feedback from participants. We also try to change up the format from year to year.  Some years have been designed to cover very challenging terrain & finishing the route is an accomplishment for the elite. Other years the terrain has been easier but the route takes you further into the backcountry. For 2018 we believe the combination of bikes, trucks, route length, remoteness & providing a choice of four provinces to explore will make things as always interesting.

In summary, the Roaming Rally extends an adventure route with nightly camping destinations. Each participant is required to be fully self reliant as they head towards the camp each day. It is not an guided event. There are no sweep riders/drivers. There are no guarantees on the route being passable. No one to officially help you if things go wrong.  This rally is all about blending personal skill & team work. We provide the framework, it is up to you to navigate, make responsible choices, be prepared for the unpredictable & look after each other.  





We look forward to seeing you at the Eastern or Western Rally.








Roaming Rally 2018 



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