Roaming Rally 2015




Once again will be hosting the Roaming Rally in 2015.  This will be the 5th year in a row this rally will take place and we believe this will be the best year yet!

The rally will take place May28-31 with 3 days of riding and one day for registration.  The rally will traverse the backroads and trails of Eastern Ontario and utilizes favourite trails from past editions as well as a collection of new trails and roads.

The Roaming Rally is not a race, it’s a dual sport ride designed for participants to have fun and meet like minded people.  As the name suggests the rally roams to a different camp each night.  This is what we believe separates it from other events.  There are plenty of events out there that provide luxury accommodations and a follow the leader type of ride, the Roaming Rally is the exact opposite of this. 

Designed to be a true adventure event, the RR is not designed for beginners or newcomers to the sport.  You will be a part of team (minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 6), this is a large part of the rally.  Your team mates are there for yours and their safety.  The RR provides you with a suggested GPS route and suggested camps to spend the night at.  On the first day you will pass through a registration process, be provided with the GPS files, attend a riders meeting then you are on your own.  There are no sweep riders, no check in or check out each day.  Not every team will make it to the next night’s camp and no one is coming looking for you or provide assistance.  Being self reliant and having a team that is well organized is crucial for your safety and enjoyment.

The registration process is quite simple.  Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating your

  • Team Name
  • Names (first and last) of each team member along with their advrider screen name
  • The bikes each person will be riding
  • Please indicate if you have ridden a previous edition of the Roaming Rally
  • Indicate whether you want to have the support truck carry a piece of luggage at an additional cost

Once you receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to pay (Paypal) please submit one payment for the team and indicate in the Paypal notes the team name.  Once your payment has been made; a detailed description of the event (camping locations, detailed route description, etc) will be emailed to the team organizer who can distribute the information amongst the team.  We have a limited amount of spots available and the RR usually fills up quickly so please don’t wait too long and risk being disappointed.  There are no refunds made if you cannot attend. Substitutes can be made for a team member who cannot attend, please forward this information to us so we can keep the records accurate.

The cost of the rally is $78 per person and includes a branded toque and some decals.  For an additional $20 we will carry one piece of gear for you from campsite to campsite.  This is new for 2015 and is being done by popular request.  Need a cooler with food or beverages to be at the campsite each evening?  Want to travel with a lighter bike?  We have limited space for this service.

The terrain of the Roaming Rally is not for beginners.  Its designed to be fun and challenging for intermediate to advanced riders with bikes loaded with gear.  It is not an extreme enduro route.  The route is simply a suggestion; many folks will choose to only ride a section of it before riding to a highway and heading to the next night’s camp.  In years past less than 10% of participants finish the route, not because it’s extremely difficult but rather due to its length and the variables of riding in a team.  The first day consists of approximately 600 kilometers and the second day is approximately 450 kilometers in length.  Water crossings, deep sand, rocks, hills and everything inbetween will be encountered.  To finish the route takes a well prepared team willing to start riding before the sun rises.

Bikes must be road legal and designed for off road use.  Bikes larger than 990cc need not apply.  Bikes without a 21 inch front tire need not apply.  Knobby tires are a must.  Bikes will be inspected at registration and only well prepared bikes will pass, so please come prepared so as to not be disappointed.

The intent of the Roaming Rally is to have a fun weekend riding some of Canada’s best trails and backcountry roads, meet new like minded people and share a beverage around a campfire in the evening.  We hope to see you in May!