Name: The Argentia Line

Distance: 34 kms

Duration: One day


Creator: Geoff Smith

Location: Avalon Peninsula

The Argentia branch line trail runs from Placentia Junction, on the main T’Railway route, to the Argentia ferry terminal. The route is about 34 kilometers one way. The trail is nothing particularly special or interesting, but it’s a key part of the route which allows riders who are crossing the island via the main T’Railway, to leave or enter the island by ferry, and be able to connect with the 900 km cross-island off road route as soon as they ride off (or on) the ferry.

The trail is mostly hard pack terrain, with a couple of railway trestles, a few flooded areas, and a couple of washouts here and there. This route is also heavily overgrown in some places. It’s still passable on a motorcycle, but there are some long sections where you will need to duck your head for branches quite often.

The trail exits, or enters (depending on your direction of travel), right behind the provincial tourism office and museum building. Very handy for those riders who might be riding across the island on the main T’Railway route.

Riders preparing to run the Argentia trail from near the ferry terminal to connect with the main T’Railway route at Placentia Junction.  Photo by Jonathan Chouinard

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A rider navigates a flooded area, about halfway between Argentia and Placentia Junction, photo by: Jonathan Chouinard

A group of riders from New York State about to ride the T’Railway across the island, having just disembarked from the Marine Atlantic ferry at Argentia. Photo by : Geoff Smith

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