Name: The Trepassey Line


Distance: 166 km's Duration: TBD

 Rating: Class 5-6

Accomodations: Camping and lodges



Creator: Geoff Smith


 Location: Eastern Newfoundland, on the Avalon Peninsula


Name: The Powder Horn Trail

Distance: Powder Horn - 24 kms return.  Garnish - 72 kms one way.

Duration: 1 day

Rating: Class 5-6

Creator: Geoff Smith

Location: Eastern Newfoundland, on the Burin Peninsula

The Powder Horn trail runs from the Burin Peninsula highway, near the Boat Harbour intersection, to a long and narrow rock feature in the middle of the peninsula, which is known as the Powder Horn because of it’s resemblance to a gun powder horn.

The original route was only about 24 kms return, but with the recent construction of an extension to the route, which connects to the out port community of Point Rosie, on the Fortune Bay side of the peninsula, you can now travel all the way to the Town of Garnish, some 72 kms away.

The original section of the trail is a very entertaining, hilly, twisty, and scenic ride through the stunningly beautiful high glacial barrens of the Burin Peninsula back-country. The extended section of trail beyond the Powder Horn Mountain is even more scenic, but is also quite challenging. It’s rocky and very steep in places, and requires you to cross some rivers and marshes without the benefit of a bridge. This extended section is still a work in progress, but in it’s present state as of fall 2011, it’s still well worth considering, especially if you’re up for a serious off road adventure and challenge. There is no cell phone coverage for much of this new route, so a satellite phone or Spot Tracker should be considered. The area is so remote that you will literally see caribou sleeping on the trail, as if they had never seen humans before.


Video shot during the summer of 2011…

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All photos & video by Geoff Smith unless otherwise noted

The Trail head

Looking westward toward the east face of the Powder Horn

Looking eastward towards the west face of Powder Horn

Ascending the south end of the Powder Horn

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Scouting the route ahead from a point roughly halfway to Point Rosie

Rugged but fun

Rocky trails never seem to offer much opportunity for style points 


You can tell the locals are proud of their beautiful trail system


Happy customers 

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