Canada uses the dollar for its currency.  100 cents is equal to one dollar. 

Unlike other countries the Canadian dollar is fairly stable and does not change much from year to year and is usually just above or below the value of the American dollar at most times.

Money can be exchanged at any international airport as well as at most banks.  In remnote area's of the country you may find that cash is the only accepted form of currency.  Credit cards and debit cards may not be accepted, we advise you keep some money on you for these circumstances.

Most Canadians will accept American dollars but will only accept it at face value. 

The coins used are:

  • penny=1 cent
  • dime=10 cents
  • quarter=25 cents
  • loonie=1 dollar
  • toonie=2 dollars

Bills are in denomintaions of 5, 10, 50, 100