The Mackenzie Heritage Trail


Location:  British Columbia

Distance:   220 km

Duration:   1 week

Rating:  Class 6+


The Mackenzie Heritage Trail is a 425 km long travel of which 220 km is legal to drive in a motorized vehicle.  Make no mistake this is a serious expedition route as the trail is very difficult.  Mud, water crossing, very remote, notorious for fallen trees, etc all combine to make it rarely traveled.  Most folks seem to take 1 week to traverse the 220 km.  

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From Wikipedia


The Alexander MacKenzie Heritage Trail (also Nuxalk-Carrier Route[1] or Blackwater Trail) is a 420 km (260 mi) long historical overland route between Quesnel and Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada. Of the many grease trails connecting the Coast with the Interior, it is the most notable and often is referred to as the Grease Trail



This trail is on our radar for a future expedition so our first hand knowledge is slim.  If you read this and have driven/ridden the trail we'd appreciate chatting with you...thanks in advance.